Legislative medical for rail workers who perform non-safety critical work and whose health and fitness does not impact directly on the rail network. However, they are required to protect their own safety and that of other rail workers. Conducted in a TruHealth Solutions clinic this service includes:

  • Audiometry
  • Vision Testing
  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Musculoskeletal Screen
  • Drug and Alcohol Screen.

A rail safety workers medical is a medical specifically designed for rail safety workers under the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers. The rail safety workers medical forms part of the Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010.

This act requires rail transport operators to manage the risks posed from worker ill health by implementing a health and fitness management program. This program ensures that rail safety worker health is at the required level to safely perform the job.

All medical information collected at the assessment is confidential, with an employer only receiving the summary of the potential workers fitness. If they are deemed unfit for Category 3 work, they are unfit to perform any rail safety work.

Service Location

Clinics conveniently located at Beenleigh and Maudsland.

Onsite service available for all services at no additional charge.

Service Steps

  • Call 1300 062 975to schedule an appointment at your closest clinic.

  • Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to complete. associated documents and read the information sheet.

  • Assessments takes about 30 minutes on average to complete

  • Result and report provided to the nominated supervisor within 24 hours of assessment being completed

When testing is conducted at your workplace, TruHealth Solutions will provide you with a run sheet to coordinate appointment times. Each test takes approximately 30 minutes; however, some workers may require a subsequent appointment should they fail their first face fit test.

When testing is being conducted in a TruHealth Solutions clinic, individuals will be sent a SMS and email notifying them of their scheduled appointment.


Cat 3 medical assessments including a urine drug and alcohol screen from

$260per test + GST
  • Number of Tests :1
    Prices will be discounted for multiple assessments
  • Assessment at one of our clinic sites only

Cat medical assessment at the workplace including a urine drug and alcohol screen from

$290per test + GST + Travel Time
  • Number of Tests :1
    Prices will be discounted for multiple assessments
  • Ask about our discount packages for multiple workers being tested

Travel per km rate after the first 30km from your closest site

c78per KM + GST