Drug and alcohol policy review and development to ensure your organisation is compliant with all legislative requirements and your duty of care. Our focus is to provide you with the tools to equip your business in the event of industrial relations issues or challenges from disgruntled ex-worker.

Education and training programs,

  • Worker education and toolbox talks regarding drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  • Manager and supervisor training to assist in identifying a potential impairment issue

Workplace drug and alcohol monitoring programs,

  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  • Drug and alcohol blanket testing
  • Incident or for cause screening
  • Ongoing random drug and alcohol screening programs

Service Location

Clinics conveniently located at our Beenleigh, Upper Coomera and Toowoomba sites.

Onsite available for Drug & Alcohol screening services – Travel Fees May Apply.

Service Steps

  • Call us to discuss your requirements for Drug and Alcohol Testing.

  • Prior to testing, we ensure that your current drug and alcohol policy is compliant with legislation and allows for your requested testing requirements.

    1. Your Drug and Alcohol Policy supports your testing requirements, and you understand how to handle any issues on the day such as non-compliance or a non-negative result.
    2. You have selected the tested method that adheres to your Drug and Alcohol policy (Saliva or Urine) or guide you to the most appropriate method for your needs.
    3. You have compliant facilities available for testing and they are set up appropriately for the collector ahead of time.
  • Tru-Health Solutions offer a range of screening services from blanket or random Drug and Alcohol testing based on your policy and your current requirements. We can assist in randomising workers being selected for random selection.

  • Screening day:  We will arrive on-site about 10 minutes prior to the commencement time to set up in our allocated room.

  • Workers to be tested are to present to screening area where they will be meet by our staff and begin the screening process. This can be coordinated with the collector so workers are not waiting around for testing, are processed as quickly as possible and can return to work and reduce possible downtime.

  • Urine or Saliva instant screens procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to complete per person but does depend on the worker and their ability to give the required sample.

  • A non-negative instant screen result means that the initial drug screen has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to a NATA accredited laboratory. To package the sample on-site, please allow an additional 10 minutes.

  • Individual worker reports are available by the end of the day and are provided via email to pre-approved company representatives only. Screening summary reports will be signed off by nominated site representative on the conclusion of service.

  • Confirmatory reports for non-negative samples provided within 24hrs of the lab receiving the donors sample to be analysed by the laboratory. Please note: TruHealth sends the donor sample the day of collection by express secure post.

When testing is conducted at your workplace, TruHealth Solutions will provide you with a run sheet for you to coordinate appointment times. Each test takes approximately 30 minutes; however some workers may require a subsequent appointment should they fail their first face fit test.

When testing is being conducted in a TruHealth Solutions clinic, individuals will be sent a SMS and email notifying them of their scheduled appointment.

NOTE: Hair follicle screening gives a better history of drug use over a period of time, though the collection process is more complicated to get a sample. It is also the most expensive type of testing to complete

Call and speak with one of our staff to find out what would be the best option for you or your organisation.