Drug and Alcohol Risk Management Advice

Drug and alcohol validation involves assessment of all testing documentation, sample integrity and results interpretation. This service includes phone consultation with relevant parties i.e. worker, supervisor and possibly general practitioner MRO provides a report to the company representative.

MRO Fitness for Duty Assessment (Drug and Alcohol)

Occupational Specialists identify if prescription drugs or faulty testing procedures have influenced the result of a worker’s drug and alcohol test. Using specialised knowledge of the use of prescription drugs, the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs and testing procedures, our Occupational Specialist will determine if the worker can safely return to work without risk to themselves or others.

Specimens that were non-negative on first testing are forwarded for laboratory confirmatory testing and results are forwarded to MRO. MRO determines whether drug results are positive or negative i.e. consistent with declared drug usage.

  • If ‘negative’; MRO writes final report and case is closed, you have this report for the file.
  • If ‘positive’; MRO writes final report – sends to company. Company to manage worker as per their drug and alcohol policy. All records are kept for your HR filing system.

MRO’s can provide valuable advice in the development of a quality drug and alcohol policy. Please contact us for a proposal if you wish to take advantage of this beneficial consultancy.

Service Location

These are done remotely, no one need to travel, all required information is sent away to the MRO to assess and report on.

Testing Process

These tests are conducted remotely so there is no need to travel. All required information is sent away to the MRO to assess and report back on.

When there is a positive result confirmed from the Laboratory it is highly recommended that these services are engaged to minimise any legal consequences to your organisation.

At the time of the confirmation report being discussed with your nominated representative you will be asked if you wish to have these reviewed and reported by the MRO.


Medical Review Officer

$250+ GST / per review
  • Pricing is per review and report process, but for more complex reports if required.