Thousands of workers show up to work every day fatigued, distressed, ill, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired. AlertMeter® is the only real-time fit-for-work test that accurately identifies these impairments before incidents can happen.

  • 60-second fit-for-work test reveals worker impairment

  • Taken before shifts, during shifts, or before critical tasks

  • Identifies fatigue, illness, distress, intoxication, and more

  • Notifies supervisor when a worker needs attention

  • Now also with COVID-19 screening!

  • Alertmeter
  • Alertmeter
  • Alertmeter
  • Alertmeter
  • Alertmeter
  • Alertmeter
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Verified Results

  • 70% reduction in worker’s comp claims

  • 68% reduced accident severity

  • 30% reduction in accident costs

  • 11% improvement in productivity

  • Improvement in safety culture

  • Improvement in overall worker fitness for work

Choose your ROI

The AlertMeter

distress detector

The AlertMeter (Distress Detector)

Mental distress causes more accidents than you think

The AlertMeter

fatigue finder

The AlertMeter (fatigue finder)

Fatigue : big safety risk, bigger productivity killer.

The AlertMeter

distress detector

The AlertMeter (distress detector)

Suspect substance abuse ? Find out in real time

The AlertMeter

damage deleter

The AlertMeter (damage deleter)

Accident severity reduced by upto 68%

The AlertMeter

productivity promoter

The AlertMeter (productivity promoter)

Productivity up by 11%, even after spending a minute on safety

The AlertMeter

cost cutter

The AlertMeter (cost cutter)

comp claims and accident costs down by 70%

Everyone Benefits From AlertMeter



  • Language-neutral (no need to speak English)

  • Non-invasive (unlike drug testing)

  • Super quick and simple (just 60 seconds!)

  • Unlimited tests (take it whenever)

  • Accessible on smartphone (take it wherever)

When workers arrive on-site, they take the AlertMeter test on company tablets or their own smartphones.  It takes 10 initial tests for the AlertMeter to recognize each user’s normal level of alertness and individual cognitive behavior. After that, the test will accurately identify when they’re outside their normal range of alertness.

The designated supervisor or manager on-site will be automatically notified if a worker is outside of his normal range of alertness, or is behaving unusually.

The designated supervisor or manager will meet with the worker face-to-face, discuss a way to remedy their alertness, and determine whether they will need to be reassigned to a non-safety sensitive task until their alertness level is normal.


Getting the AlertMeter® Into Your Company Is as Easy as 1-2-3! (4-5)