Health Assessments are carried out to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment, can fulfill the requirements of a role, as well as to protect them from potentially harmful work that may be conducted in high-risk work environments (i.e. dust, loud or continuous noisy environments as a baseline reading.

Our Pre-Employment health screen provides a baseline health assessment for a worker before they enter a role with an employer. The health screen assists to identify any risks with the management and identifies whether a worker is medically suitable in the role in which they are applying for safely or if there are additional modifications to make it safer for the new worker.

Includes but not limited to Height and Weight, Waist Circumference, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Cardio Check – Blood Glucose, Physical Activity Assessment, Smoking Questionnaire, Alcohol Questionnaire and Mental Health Questionnaire.

30 Minutes Per Person

  • Pre-employment Health Assessments to assist in understanding the capabilities of your new workers.
  • Pre-employment Health Assessments give a baseline reading which helps later on if any Workers Compensation claims are lodged, the worker will be only assessed from the baseline reading. This can minimize the claim against your organization.
  • Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol testing to assist in reducing the risk of employing someone that has an ongoing drug or alcohol dependency.

Service Location

Clinics conveniently located at Beenleigh and Maudsland.

Onsite service available for all services at no additional charge.

Service Steps

  • Call 1300546105 to schedule an appointment at your closest clinic.

  • Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to complete associated documents and read the information sheet.

  • Health assessments take about 30 minutes on average to complete.

  • A urine or saliva collection procedure takes approx. 15 min per person to complete.

  • Non-negative means an initial drug screen has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to our NATA accredited laboratory (if approved by the workplace).

  • Result and report provided to the nominated supervisor within 24 hours of assessment being completed.


Pre-employment health assessment from.

$150per test + GST
  • Number of Tests :1
    Prices will be discounted for multiple assessments
  • Assessment at one of our clinic sites only

With drug and alcohol screen Urine or Saliva from.

$75per test + GST + Travel Time
  • Number of Tests :1
    Prices will be discounted for multiple assessments
  • Travel per Km rate after the first 30 KM from your closest site

Travel per km rate after the first 30km from your closest site

c78per KM + GST